Auburn Lull Set

Auburn Lull I - oil on canvas - 20"x16" - 2014

Auburn Lull II - all dimensions and materials as above

Auburn Lull III 

Auburn Lull IV

Auburn Lull V

Auburn Lull VI

Auburn Lull VII

Auburn Lull VIII


winter wrists

left in second surgery cast right recovering with hardware in both wrists to repair damage

As you may have noticed I've been a touch quiet this winter since the end of December.  On the 28th of December I had an accident at home where I broke both wrists and gave myself a concussion.  I'm slowly recovering, been some trouble with the left wrist, and some delays with getting work done.  I should be back and on with making work I hope by mid March if not sooner.  I have a bit of a road ahead for recovering, but getting there slowly. I will have new paintings visible soon and look forward to normalcy again in the spring.


Lexicon Devil

lexicon devil - oil, collage, and acrylic on canvas - 72"x60" - 2013


JD Banke

Caught a wonderful loose show of works by local artist JD Banke at Pole Drift Gallery in Seattle.  The work has this really wonderful nostalgia and playfulness that ranges from sarcasm to a clear reminder of things being seriously not serious.  This always clicks in place for me, reminds me of the constant, to get a better grip, sometimes you have to loosen your hold.  JD gets that in spades, it was just the tonic I needed this cold winter night walking into galleries around town... 


Berlin Takt I

berlin takt drawing I - oil and charcoal on paper - 26"x40" - 2012-13


Up The Empire

up the empire - oil and acrylic on canvas - 23.5"x31.5" - 2013


Brighton VI & V

brighton IV - mixed media on canvas mounted on board - 16"x20" 

brighton V - mixed media on canvas mounted on board - 16"x20"