jupiter spin

jupiter spin - oil and charcoal on paper - 22.5"x30" - 2016


the tumblers

the tumblers - oil and charcoal on paper - 22.5" x 30" - 2016


cross pollination

cross pollination - oil and acrylic on wood panels - 48"x36" - 2016


Make Your Mark / New Urban Artists

Tristan Manco has included some work of mine to be included in his forthcoming book Make Your Mark - The New Urban Artists.  I'm honored to have work of mine in this book, and I'm looking forward to seeing both the artworks he's chosen of others for this release.  Click the title to see his blog posting of the book.  Thank you Tristan for the inclusion and the honor of being with some very talented folks!


Flourishes at SAM Gallery

new works now on view through April 21 2016 at SAM Gallery at the Seattle Art Museum


earthquake glue

earthquake glue - oil, collage, charcoal and acrylic on canvas - 88"x72" - 2016


wondering boy poet

wondering boy poet - oil and collage on canvas panels - 36"x24" - 2016

crutch came slinking

crutch came slinking - oil, collage and acrylic on canvas - 36"x48" - 2016