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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Work Continues...

Oil Acrylic Canvas - 88"x72"

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A. Rudin meets Claypool

Fresh Paint in Culver City CA just placed my work titled Claypool at A. Rudin Showroom in the Design Center located in Los Angeles. They were kind enough to send me a picture of it there and show it's placement. The painting is 72"x60" Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.


Nordstrom Pittsburgh

Richard Hutter sent me some photos from his visit to Pittsburgh one of which was a shot he took of my painting I did for Nordstrom and the new store that they opened there. It's always nice to see how the work looks installed, and in this case nice to see one of the paintings that was a favorite of mine to make. Thank you Richard for snapping the picture, I really appreciate it!


Echo Break

Echo and the Bunnymen doing Ocean Rain on the Tube 1983