Kemmel - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 88"x54" - 2009 - Nordstrom Collection




Pollenswell - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas - 88"x54" - 2009 - Nordstrom Collection




Works In Progress

work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - 54"x88"

work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - 54"x88"

Thee Oh Sees - Tidal Wave.mp3



Wanda Flechsig

I received the call I'd been dreading since I had my show in Minneapolis in October, my dear friend, and art dealer for ten years, Wanda Flechsig had succumb to her fight with cancer. I sit here in my studio so many miles away, going through my memories with this wonderful woman. She approached me after seeing a show of mine at the now defunct Esther Claypool Gallery in 1999 and wanted to include me in a group show back in Minneapolis. From there on I was in for a honest, clear, and positive relationship that continues with Circa to this day. I've had three wonderful solo shows with Circa, and on every visit with Wanda and her amazing staff, I was always treated like a star, and felt so at ease, as if we had been friends all my life. Meeting people like this within the art world is a rare and very precious thing, which makes today even more heartbreaking, she was always my friend, above and beyond being my art dealer. When I left my job two years ago to pursue being an artist full time, Wanda was a solid source of strength and positive feedback and seemed to provide me with extra energy when I was feeling unsure. She will be missed in my life, and many other artists that she showed and befriended. Circa continues on with her handpicked staff who have been running the space since the new year, and they, like her are wonderful. My condolences go out to her immediate family, her friends, of which she had plenty of; in Minneapolis and around the country. To the other artists who she showed, and represented we are all looking up at the sky today and saying goodbye to an amazing and loving soul, love you Wanda!


Hood - Further Woodland.mp3



work in progress

work in progress - oil and acrylic on canvas - both works - 88"x54"

Sam Prekop - Two Dedications.mp3



works in progress

Some various works in progress, the one in the foreground and the other on the lovely stumps here in the studio are both 88" x 54". Work is going well and production is non stop, even with the lovely sun out teasing me. I thought on the music front I would share a podcast of my friend Stewart of Boyracer fame lining up some wonderful songs for your enjoyment...

  1. TENPOLE TUDOR real fun (korova 7", 1980)

  2. THE BUFF MEDWAYS i'm not going to your boring private view (no label 7", 2006)

  3. NANCY SESAY & THE MELODAIRES c'est fab (it's war boys 7", 1980)

  4. SARANDON searching for the now (little car 7", 2009)

  5. BOGSHED fat lad exam failure (vinyl drip 12", 1988)

  6. THE CRAMPS hot pearl snatch (live, vengeance records, 1988)

  7. PRINCE BUSTER time longer than rope (prince buster 7", 1962)

  8. MOUSEFOLK i don't love you anymore (demo tape, 1988)

  9. PETTICOAT CRASH darling let's have another baby (zick zack, 1981)

  10. KRISTIN MESS green & purple (555 recs, forthcoming in 2009)

  11. THE GROOVE FARM baby blue marine (kvatch flexi, 1987)

  12. THE NERVOUS REX 12345 crazy feeling (555 recs, 2008)

  13. HUON that's not bad (555 recs, 2009)

click the link and enjoy!