work in progress - 72"x60"

commission for Nordstrom - Braintree - Massachusetts

Stereolab - Explosante Fixe.mp3




Douglas Witmer - Susan Scott - Joe Saunders - Harold Hollingsworth

Touch/Faith - Semantics Gallery - Cincinnati Ohio

curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones

November 2009

Just got back from Cincinnati on a whirlwind weekend of meeting the staff at the gallery that represents me in Cincinnati, Miller Gallery and being curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones for a show titled Touch/Faith at Semantics Gallery. Weather and people were wonderful, the cities famous Skyline Chili was delicious, and the mini tour Jeffrey was kind enough to take me on really has me looking forward to a return to this wonderful city.




various works continue going forward here as it gets darker earlier and cooler outside.

Breeders - Fate to Fatal.mp3

King Loser - '76 Comeback.m4a

Seefeel - Industrious.mp3