on the floor

work in progress - mixed media on multiple panels - 84"x56" [continued]

The Small Faces - E Too D.m4a




sketchbook page detail

sketchbook detail - collage and ink

detail of a painting in progress


Grave mouths of lions
Sinuous smiling of young crocodile
Along the river's water conveying millions
Isles of spice
How lovely he is, the son
Of the widowed queen
And the sailor
The handsome sailor abandons a siren,
Her widow's lament at the south of the islet
It's Diana of the barracks yard
Too short a dream
Dawn and lanterns barely extinguished
We are awakening
A tattered fanfare

-Jean Cocteau


hugs and kisses

mixed media on canvas panels - 48"x60" [each canvas] - 2011



flatter her madly

mixed media on canvas - 48"x24" - 2011

A chapter in verse '... they flatter her madly'

Little twig isn't big

To you, but she is

To me.

But however I don't like it

When she makes faces.

And she seldom talks

When we go to places

And meet people

And sit around.

But she prances at dances

Gets crushes, takes chances

With boys, wears a hat

No shoes, and they flatter her

Madly. What of that?

Neat, maroon, blue and white

Lace and chord, velvet. Might

Even keep her coat on if its right.

Next week

All change

To purple

Or black


-syd barrett


I am their damaged megaphone

work continues, big, small and all things in between...[continued]

I am their damaged megaphone

dead artist speak to me

and thru me

you'd do very smartly to listen

they speak to me

with voices filled with mud and clay

and decay

people feel violated by the stench of their breath

they are not desert prophets

or nessissary sat next to god or the devil

but I am sat smack in the midst of them

their rotting teeth grinding and whispering

black thoughts in my ear


I am their damaged megaphone

barking across the nite

calling for

art with out art


love with out love


hate without hate

for lite without lite


you'd do very smartly

to shut up and listen

-billy childish


studio August 6th

studio with works in progress...[continued], and [here]