Thought I'd post a detail of one of the paintings I've been commissioned to to make. I have been using a combination of processes to make the work. One is a building up of the surface; I wonder at times if it's no longer a desire of many artists to build up a canvas in an effort to seduce the eye, where the deisre to touch comes on strong in a viewer? I find that making a skin is a little akin to creating a plane of seduction, perverse, perhaps, even pandering to a base core in someone, but it gets me going. It was what turned me on when I discovered art, I was awoken by a chance encounter with a Clifford Still painting, all unraveled after that.
It's been hot here in the studio, around 94 degrees, warm. It also speeds things up in here, so drying times are fast, I'm using liquid acrylics, in combination with the reject paints from Lowes that customers are unhappy with. Mix them together at this stage, along with some polymers. The underlying patterns can come from a variety of sources, in this case I have been taking some cues from working in the preparatory field, and have bought a variety of blue painters tape, and put them to work for me, finally. I'll keep you posted as these works continue...