For the last two years, as I've been working and traveling, I've been doing an ongoing series of photographs that depict the trucks I always find myself behind out there on the freeway. I have about 30 to 40 of these already, and continue to collect and save them. The trucks I started seeing years ago were so flat in my frontal vision, and as I would miss being in my studio when out on the road, I found myself studying the trucks as I would a painting. They often had dirt or paint schemes that registered on my mind like canvases in the studio. I often found myself wanting to paint or repeat a gesture similar to what I was seeing in front of me, right there on the backside of a dirty, or re-painted truck. This is the work I do outside of my studio, when I travel, this is my sketchbook.


Steven LaRose said…
Since we've moved to Ashland on the I-5 corridor, I've wanted to make a coffee-table book of Trucking company logos. I wish I had a digital camera five years ago. There is also a whole art-form to the repair of smashed automotive tail lights ranging from red tape to red yogurt lids. Sometimes the art projects just slip through the fingers.
Rachel, my co-worker on this trip noticed how many different types of colored tapes were available, and how people were repairing those said tail, and other various smashed in locations on the cars and trucks we were seeing with tape. I know what you mean by the slippage Steve, I'm reminded of it almost daily at work with the Microsoft Art Collection.