Steve asked for a close-up and a raking shot, I hope this will satisfy the request? I'm going to look into the materials you mentioned as well, if there is anything that I am, I'm a curious, curious cat...
I came across a quote on the
  • Mindsprinter blog that seems to fit for me and she was quoting from Fluxist, Robert Filliou's 1970 book "Teaching and Learning as a Performative Art". "Sometime in the late 1960s, Filliou was talking with his friend Billy Kluver, a research scientist at Bell Laboratories. The reason scientists make greater strides in their field than artists do in theirs, Kluver told him, is that scientists ‘don't know what science is.’ (Filliou, 1970: 87). . .The book is in many ways Filliou's answer to Kluver's provocation. ‘It is true’, Filliou says, ‘that artists spend a powerful lot of time and energy trying to convince each other about what is art and what is not. They do not know that they don't know.’
  • I recognize this internally, I've always felt this way. The sense of experimentation has always been the kink for me, the not knowing, whether with storytelling, or creating a sense of history to why and how, and in context to this section, materials. Now granted, I'm reading this as a manifest[and taking liberties, I'm an artist(?) after all] in regard to my own way of working, and definately take this in a subjective way, but it does sting of truth to the way many of us[artists(?)] relate.
    Steve, in regard to the commission's, I have the say, it's probably the reason I don't do to many. I've had a good run recently, Nordstrom is somehow turned on right now with what I come up with, and it's been nice to be busy in here[the studio, my home].