Rest In Peace

My cat, whose name is Jazz, has been having problems with keeping his food down for the last few weeks, well this morning even the wet food, which he had been able to keep down, was no longer staying in him. He had lost probably 6lbs, and was a scat 3 1/2lbs this early afternoon. Well it was time, I have had him in my life for over 16 years, he was my best pal, so comforting after any hard day I had, and the best meow, it was more like a babies voice, very original, and I knew it from wherever I was, no other cat sounded like Jazz. The vet informed me that his kidneys were failing, and there was nothing she could do for him. They placed a catheter in his leg, and let me sit with him as long as I wanted. I must have taken in his stare for 15 to 20 minutes, I cried, he was so calm, so comfortable in my lap, something he often would get wiggley over, unless of course he chose to be in my arms. Well, not today, he looked so peaceful. He went fast, he went calmly, it was so hard for me, so easy on him. The loft feels so empty now, so quiet. He will be missed, he is already missed. Jazz was my pal. He gave unconditional love, and gave it to anyone visiting me here in my studio. I tip a glass of scotch to you Jazz!


Steven LaRose said…
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Steven LaRose said…
Let me try that again:

I'm sorry to hear about Jazz. We never met. I struggled with what to send you, and how. If I did this right, and you click here, there will be a small painting on stone that is called, Jazz. It should be 300dpi and looks very cool blown up, bigger than life size. I imagine it printed large.
I will place a copy that I've printed out at his grave, thank you Steve, very kind, and very touching to me!