[Work In Progress]

This is is the 84"x84" painting I've been working on in the studio, it has a layer of polymer on it, so as it dries a bit, I thought I would share where I'm at on it. It's vivid nature is only matched right now with the heat of summer here in Seattle, no complaints on either front.


carolyn said…
Awesome, we need more painting blog action in this town. Thanks! I mean welcome...I could use the company.
carolyn said…
PS I'm jealous you work at Art Tech, in sounds infinitely better than staring at a computer screen all day.
Steven LaRose said…
Here are my two craft hits for the night:

I've used all sorts of fancy pants paint additives and blah blah blah. . .but this summer I just discovered Floetrol. Cheap. Ancient. Proven. Works.

New to the world is 3M's 20-80 blue tape. Sensitive but clean tack and ultra low profile so paint doesn't gather at the edge.

Give us a raking shot of this piece. close up and at a 30 degree angle.

when you say "commision", how much control/say/input does the client have?