Battle of the Bands...Saw

As one might assume, and because I've heard it, and said it myself, Seattle is a passive/aggressive place at times. It was displayed just a few minutes ago outside my window. I live in the Capital Hill area of Seattle, and this weekend is the Capital Hill Block Party. My neighbors across the street from me are clothing designers Hipposchemes, and they like to throw musical shows from time to time. The Seattle Trading Post, and some live-in tenents occupy the building as well and I wondered if they got along during some of these impromtu shows, now I know. Well as the band, which granted, sounded like they are having their first show ever, started to perform, the neighbor came out. Set up his saw table, said nothing to the performers, or the guy who operates Hipposchemes, who was standing right there. He sawed wood during the entire set. I couldn't stop laughing, it was the ultimate display of passive/aggressive behavior I've seen in a long time.


Steven LaRose said…
That is funny. I will have to enter that story into my repertoire. I have a short movie of the happening in my mind. Oh, and nice squeege.
chrisjag said…
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Fucking awesome.