Insanity 19

Here are some more pictures from the Insanity Scooter Rally this weekend, every year this seems to get bigger and bigger, which means more chaos and fun! Fire ring runs, long rides through Seattle with over 300 riders, BBQ's, and of course, drinking! Absolute fun in the sun therapy! Looking forward to more as summer keeps on plugging along!


Steven LaRose said…
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Steven LaRose said…
Tis funny that you just posted this because everytime I came to visit your blog this weekend I kept seeing your scooter and humming the chorus to some song:
I just couldn't recall who it was by. . . and then it hit me as I was re-staining the front porch. . .
The Pop Rivets!

Back to the fumes
love them old Billy Childish tunes, hell love his new incarnation, the Buff Medways, they sound like the Who!