Lammy's Back!

I just got my Lambretta LIs 150 back from Sound Speed Scooters where Joe has been re-building my bike for the last 9 months, and she rides like a dream! It's been nice to ride with others again as well, since this weekend in Seattle is
  • Scooter Insanity
  • weekend, a very big rally that brings riders from Portland and Vancouver BC to Seattle for rides and some really great parties as well. The photo above was taken in Georgetown, which is an industrial area just south of Seattle proper, we all met up[about 250 riders] had breakfast and a short ride down to Seward Park. A scavenger hunt is taking place now, but I wanted to give my wrist a break as this new clutch cable is a bit of a workout, and stopping to find Perry Como records and Q-tips just doesn't make me want to push it, but tomorrow a nice long ride is suppose to take place, so I will do that one, and hopefully the weather will stay nice as well for that ride.


    That is beautiful.