Road Rash

I've been thinking about the road again today. I was remembering the road surfaces in California when I was down there last month. I took some pictures[one sample above] of the tar filled cracks in the black-top as source inspiration here in the studio. We don't have this here in Seattle, well at least not that I've noticed yet. I've been going back to these pictures, looking them over, reminding myself that it's funny sometimes when you aren't looking for something, and then, you look down and Robert Motherwell's work is suddenly right in front of your [eyes]. Seeing some of what my blog/artist/peers are working on as well, like Chris Jagers, Carolyn Zick, Steve LaRose, and Dennis Hollingsworth among many, is reminding me of the road as well. I keep traveling to their blogs, making sure that I'm not alone making things, thinking of abstract ideas, seeing the ground below me. I'm looking forward to driving or even scooting some distance soon, it clears me up inside and when I get home here I'm interested and re-charged again. These blogs that I follow from my fellow artists are like towns and roads traveled, and I keep driving thru, seeing what's in the windows, and taking note. I'm enjoying the journey, seeing the streets, looking down the road, seems that's always been my lot. It's good to remind myself of this, and to stay curious, I think it keeps me interested, in all forms, and the simple journeys that one can take.


Steven LaRose said…
That Motherwell image is beautiful. I don't think that I have ever seen it.

Do you make drawings that might hang along-side your paintings?

Can you email me your email?
steven dot larose at gmail dot com
Bill Bombria said…
It is so cool that you can see abstract designs in the street. Maybe there's a Gully Jimson in you.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.