Robert Yoder

Robert Yoder at his talk on Thursday at the Frye Art Museum here in Seattle. He created a work entitled Sluice Gate, and it is currently on view in the entry way of the Museum. It is always great to catch up with Robert, and catching up is a rather difficult thing these days with my old friend. He's been very busy making work, knocking out shows, and most importantly keeping his vintage Mercedes Benz running, which he informed me was working great and that seemed to make him very relaxed before the talk. Robert has always been really forthright about the sources of his inspiration, whether it be from images of the land as seen from the sky, or architecture that he finds arresting.
He's come a real long way from when he was fighting Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma years ago, and I think that his experience with that disease focused him like nothing else ever had before; he does seem to live each day championing his work and has gone on to exhibiting regularly and having shows nationally and internationally. We started out at the same time at the Linda Farris Gallery, and Robert has been a source of inspiration to me since I first met him when he and I worked at Daniel Smith Art together. I cherish knowing him, and calling him my friend.


carolyn said…
I'm so glad you went to this and wrote about it, I missed another Robert event, which makes me feel bad. I would have loved to hear him speak.