hung out with Dennis Hollingsworth

While at work today, I was informed that some labels were missing from some artworks in a building I tend. Now the way I get the info is in an email from the Art Collection offices. It is usually a number code, so only when I go to the database and look the number up do I know who, or what artist it is. Well, once I typed in the number, low and behold, two ink drawings by one Dennis Hollingsworth. So off to the location I went, labels in hand, to spend a very little bit of time with one Dennis Hollingsworth; actually made my afternoon! Left to right, China Canal, and Holland, both are sumi ink on paper, dated 1996. Exhibited at Meyerson & Nowinski Gallery.


Steven LaRose said…
Without any disrespect and in total awe: Bleckner meets Lasker. Those are cool. I've never seen this part of Dennis's past.

These just reinforce my interest in the drawings of painters.
I actually was in a show with Dennis, my first and only group show with him, at Meyerson/Nowinski, a gallery that no longer exists here in Seattle. These works were in that show, so it was a full circle for me to come across these in the collection. I tend to over 5000 works here at MS land...