-first page of the new sketchbook

-second page of the new sketchbook, oilstick on paper

-CD-R cover for some available artworks

Here are the first few pages in my August Sketchbook and a CD-R cover page for a disc of images that are available as of August. I feel like I'm picking up from where I left off years ago when I last kept a sketchbook, drawing like a primitive. It's something that I stopped doing so many years ago, as I felt that it was to much in fashion, and that I had to play the oppisite side of the road. I must say it does loosen me up to begin work on canvas's though, and thus I look at it like stretching. It feels like the work that Randy Jones now owns, one section down from this posting, so it is like riding a bike I suppose?
The last picture here is of a cover to a CD-R that I made for some folks around Seattle here that were asking about works of mine that were available. I haven't placed myself out and about in town in a long stretch, so it felt good to get pro-active and burn some CD's of images and pass them around to some dealers here. I'm working on another commission for a lobby of a new hotel here in Seattle, it should be fun, and I'll of course let you all in on the progress as it goes. I submit sketches here in a week or so, then the client will pick, and I'll set it up, and knock it out.


Lisa Lisa said…
The CD-R cover looks great. Those paintings look really fabulous together.