trick or treat

Typically a Tuesday at work is a low caliber affair. I have a weekly meeting that takes an hour or a little more, and then I organize the events of the week and set about getting a crew scheduled, or sequences set up for art coming down, or art going up. Today was a "fun" surprise day. I go about doing site visits to various parts of the campus, often to see entry and exit points, how large some of the works are that are being moved, etc. Well, today as I was taking a site visit in, I passed by the Ursala Von Rydingsvard sculpture we have here and found that some of the employees had made, and attatched to the sculpture, some signage. As the pictures show, it had a theme. I don't have issue with people inter-acting with the works of art as long as they don't stab, stick, or poke into the works. Well some of the signs were stabbed, poked, and stuck into the wood. Chips of the sculpture, which is made of cedar, were on the ground around the work. It can take the wind out of your sails somedays. I love the collection I tend to here, and it's getting to a point sometimes where it makes me hostile to the idea of making anything that the public could have access to. I again don't mind dialogue, in fact, I believe I'm pretty gifted about talking, or explaining what, where, and how such works exist. The part of the double edge I get cut by is when folks feel the need to act out on works of art. It feels at times, like I'm back in high school out here.


Lisa Lisa said…
It is amazing to me how immature and disrespectful people can be! That must be so frustrating. I believe you when you say you feel like you're back in high school sometimes. Unbelievable.
I was asked here recently by local art critic, Regina Hackett, "don't you want your work in the Microsoft Art Collection?" I said, "nope, I've seen how it's treated". Nuff said.
KJ said…
And HEY! They probably weren't even drunk... just imagine! I suspect that even the most obvious art works, displayed in a common ground setting such as this, becomes ordinary furniture with no special value after a period of time. This is not to excuse bad behaviour, but to try to understand the minds of those who know better, but figure no real harm was done.
What a cool job you have! Enjoying reading about it, even the downsides.
Carolyn said…
Harold, the actions of those people are so pompous. Are there any ramifications for anyone disrespcting the collection?
not much, unless someone has the balls to say they did something, or I catch them, it's left up to the Art Collection Staff to pay for repairs.
Anonymous said…
talk about pompous!

boo fucking Ursala VonRydingsvard hoo!