the hunt

I was reading in Dennis Hollingsworth's blog about his night fishing and the connection it makes for him on staying tuned to the hunter in us. It's a good read, and feels true to me, especially now. I'm always effected by the seasons, and I feel fall coming on, which always puts me in a hunting mood. Not for game any longer, or wildlife hunting, but the sense of finding something new to see, a hunt for a spark. Now by accident, or unconscious purpose, I found that after a night walk last week, I can't stop thinking about being in the city, walking around, hunting for images. I even begun a set of photos on Flickr dedicated to this hunt. I realize the dirty vs. clean hands Dennis is speaking of, and when our family lived in Missouri, and I was allowed time on the farm with Grandpa Hess, or Uncle Hollingsworth, dirty hands prevailed, in fact it was part of the life. I live in the city, hunting for food is a bit outside of my routine, but, the hunt for images gives me now a deja vu. I've been feeling the same vibration when I'm out there at night though, taking my time, looking around for the shot. No blood perhaps, but a definate flash from the pulled trigger of the camera. Good Hunting all!