As with all lines walked, this line comes with inter-action. I've been doing install for about 3 1/2 years now, and I enjoy being near works that I would never see or even at times heard of until this job. I've been fortunate to see some works that I read about in college, and met some collectors I've only heard about. I took over as lead art preparator at [unamed company] about 2 years ago. I have been exposed to so many new artists, Miklos Gaal, Stephane Couturier, John Beech, Lisa Hoke, and reached out to others, like Dennis Hollingsworth. I have it pretty good. I unfortunatley am surrounded by employees that seem to find abusing said art, a fun inter-play. I either see it, and this week I've see plenty, in the signs stabbed into the Ursala Von Rydingsvard, to post-its on a Leslie Dill work. This week has also been wise ass week from employees. I have pretty thick skin for the most part. The combination of seeing damage done to art, and having someone rip into me about the art[usually a very dim take]. The always original making statements/proclamations on what he/she thinks of modern art[again, college educated people doing this to me], or my all time favorite, the joke/funniest comment on art I've ever heard[by the way, I've heard them all now, and it's just a loop], has got me a touch ready to swing. I'm glad we have a three day weekend coming up. It's a lonely job out here somedays defending this art. I'll work on my armour plating over the weekend, and be ready to stand my ground next week.


Lisa Lisa said…
Hey! Who is that cute art brat in that photo?! You ought to have a super-hero cape for defending and protecting the art out there. Hang-in there, the 3-day holiday is in sight!
Anonymous said…
I'm just testing to see if I can comment. Blogger Beta is kickin my butt. When I first saw this pic over at your flickr page I thought of Elvis Costello.



really? Elvis COstello, that's a first, lately it's been John Malkovich that I've been hearing...I'll take it though!
alex said…
Dug through my brain and finally figured out what my old blogspot password is...
so now I can comment on the blog.

Thought you might enjoy these old blog postings:

thanks to your site I ened up surfing a bunch of art blogs. Any feed back on getting more eyes to ITINplace would be appreciated