more odd numbers

Just to keep the loop open, as much as a loop is a circle; progress in the studio is coming along. I have been building, and building surfaces and decided to just start laying, in a rather organic way, some subject matter into the fluid. I'm getting a good flow from the work right now, and I tend to think it's due to having so many canvases at the same point. I could probably lay any subject matter into it and they would look like a group, making some kind of sound. Does it rock? Is it pop? I'm just allowing myself to proceed, but it generally is working at the moment. There is so much medium[gel, acrylic paint] on these panels, they are some of the heaviest paintings for their size I have ever had. As always, I'll keep you posted on progress.

"He was mediating to engrave himself to become confused to perish" - Cesar Vallejo


Lisa Lisa said…
Looking good, Harold. I think you've made some nice motion on those canvases. They have a fun spirit to them! It's enjoyable to see how they evolve and transform into new pieces, and yet still have hints of their previous state.
Anonymous said…
I am looking at these and thinking about the power of tangents and over-lapping to create or confuse space. I also see a sense of figure/ground thing with the "O" loops. Are the "O"s monochromatic? Do they ever receive as much attention as the surface/background? I bet these look real seductive close up, and push us back with the big graphics. Back and forth. Dig it.

Steven LaRose (my beta-blogger is forcing me to post anon, sorry).