Paris with Lisa

I read Lisa's blog about our wonderful, yet short, one week in Paris and had to do a call and response. We went June of last year and it was something of a fantastic birthday gift. On my 40th birthday she surprised me with a card, pasted on the back was flight information for one Harold Hollingsworth. I was speechless. I've wanted to see Paris, and thankfully when I was in Tullycraft, I had a couple of weeks after a very fun European tour[diary of which can be read about here], to go and visit some other European cities, but alas, not Paris. We both took different flights, but knew our common hotel destination in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Wonderful neighborhood, and when Lisa arrived a couple hours after I had, we napped and headed out to meet her friends Steve and Laura for dinner. I have photos of the trip on my flickr account for your enjoyment. We walked so much, saw art at the Pompidou. Enjoyed plenty of olives and food late into the night. Cafe's were a plenty, and places of historical weight around almost every corner. She even discovered a really difficult French artist to love, Yves Klein. It was short, we had some fantastic meals, conversations, some highs and yes some lows, but we managed to have a really memorable journey. I as well look back on it very fondly. Thank you Lisa, for a fantastic 40th birthday gift! I love you!


Lisa Lisa said…
You're making me blush! :) All my love to you!