Halloween Top Ten

For your spookyment this Halloween, I provide another 10 songs that I thought you all might enjoy for the night...just click the Halloween Top Ten Header below for your musical enjoyment...

Halloween Top Ten Mix

[1]Whistlin' Pete - U-Men
from a Seattle past that still intros a set so well, I start with the U-Men...

[2]The Fly - The Mummies
because it is so spookylicious, the Fly, by...the Mummies

[3]Frankenstomp - Satan's Pilgrims
Portland's own surf legends, and always a
halloween treat...Satan's Pilgrims

[4]Jack The Ripper - Link Wray
Another classic instrumental that fits any spooky evening...Link Wray with Jack The Ripper

[5]Bully Bones - The Birthday Party
before there was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, there was the Birthday Party, wickedly wildish...

[6]Night Of The Vampire - The Moontrekkers
a classic from the way back, the Moontrekkers...

[7]Punk Slime - Black Lips
someone[Glenn] at Artech turned me onto this group, and I'm not sure its a halloween song, but damn, it and all the latest Black Lips songs are making my fall, fall!

[8]Suck It And Smell - King Khan & BBQ
another band that Glenn spun me towards, and it follows the Black Lips very comfortably, King Khan & BBQ, booooooo!

[9]Peter Lorre - Satan's Pilgrims
come on, just one Satan's Pilgrims song, no way, not with Peter Lorre set to go!

[10]Great Pumpkin Waltz - Vince Guaraldi Trio
and since all you got was rocks in your bag, Vince Guaraldi will send you out with some of the Charlie Browniest sweets, but...watch out for that wicked Lucy!

Happy Halloween everyone!


thanks Harold. I can't wait to get into this mix.
happy halloween G
Anonymous said…
A lot of people my age talk about seeing their first rock show at the Kingdome. The Who for example. I am definitly a late bloomer so my first exposure to live music was the U-Men at the Ditto Tavern. I'll never forget it. People rolling in broken glass, non-violent moshing. Cool girls. A couple of months later, Jim Tillman (then the U-Men bassist) was the fist person to ever buy one of my paintings. Fond fond memories.