studio and details

[detail] big painting in the studio right now...

[detail] of the painting Pacer

Studio - 10-26-2006

I've been working on a load of new works. The other half of the studio is filled with even more artworks I'm currently working on, but for now, I'll leave that a mystery...

Things are on a good roll right now, and hopefully, by stating such, I haven't jinxed it...
Been feeling it all very instinctively, and
intuitivley. I haven't been posting much on the blog, primarily to the fact that I don't have much in the way to intellectually describe what I'm thinking, or what is informing the work. I know my collection of fonts, vintage and current wrapping papers, pattern books, etc. are informing what I'm doing, but only as a starting, or leaping off point. I have momentum, and that for me right now is enough.
I have just begun reading
Anna Politkovskaya's book, "A Dirty War". She was killed recently as many believe, by a contract killing, and some even suggest it was the Putin government that did the deed.
A Dirty War is the harrowing account of Russia's invasion and subsequent decimation of Chechnya--a place with a mixed population, many of whom were themselves Russians. Anna was the author of these books as well; “A Small Corner of Hell: Dispatches from Chechnya" and her latest book, “Putin’s Russia,” is very critical of Putin's regime. In the days before her death, Anna Politkovskaya had been working on a story about torture in the government of Ramzan Kadyrov, the Pro-Kremlin premier of Chechnya.


tonypetersart said...

These look really great, nice color. It's cool to see the large size from the pic too.

KJ said...

I like the first one especially... the clear differentiation of color without scumbling, the layers separate and distinct, good body to the paint. Cool angle to photo.

Anonymous said...

Hey,thanks for the angle to your dangle.
That's whatI wanted to see. How much build-up there was and if the scar tissue from other previous marks were showing through.

I caught that person's reference (over at your flickr page) about the other painter working with the striped balls. She had no surface dude. Now if it was me, I might put you in a show with Michael Kessler. As much for the things his paintings share with yours, as for their differences. Wait a minute. I'm gonna do it. Next post.

Call Whiting. He says he e-mailed you.

chrisjag said...

Yeah, keep the angled details coming!