Whiting Tennis at Greg Kucera Gallery

Whiting Tennis - Bovine, The oregon trail reversed: sculpture, paintings and drawings - Greg Kucera Gallery - 212 3rd Avenue, Seattle Washington

The show is a knockout, scale, breadth, and skill all represented in this show of Whiting's. He knocked it out of the park, the paintings look fantastic, he has Guston's touch, and yet it's all Whiting. The raw wood sculptures are pure deja-vu, road trips, back yards in the burbs of the west, all here. I needed to see this in Seattle, my vote for solo show of the year. Now I feel like stepping up my own game, just the kick in the pants I needed, and kudos to Greg Kucera for taking this artist on. I remember the time Whiting took wet works in to Greg's back in the late 80's and Greg yelled at him to get out of his gallery, and never bring wet works for a dealer to look at. Now Whiting is the star in Greg's stable!