drinks and chatter

left to right - New Zealand artist Stuart Tume - Seattle artist Collin Shutz - Seattle artist Shawn Nordfors

Tonight was a get together with artist Stuart Tume, who has gotten back from a couple of months away to do some shows in New Zealand and Australia. Colin is back from a short vacation and Shawn of course just last week arrived back from a month in Ghana. All had stories, and plenty of ideas flowing, a really fun evening to just sit back and listen to what all had for upcoming ideas. Stuart was hyped to gather a few of us up to show in New Zealand. Colin was rested and ready to get back to work, as is Shawn, who is beginning to make some new paintings. I'm feeling on a roll, so it was good to sit with one's peers who are feeling the buzz of both wanting to, and doing work. It's a good start to the work week!