Good Grape

Richard Kinssies, Wine Outlet owner and wine sleuth

It's almost Thanksgiving, and to that measure Christmas is almost here as well, so I thought I would give a worthy shout-out to one of my favorite shops in Seattle, the Wine Outlet on 1st Ave just across from Safeco Baseball Field. Stretch your wine dollar at this small, but amazing store. Owner Richard Kinssies stocks his no-frills space with great deals through connections he’s made in more than 30 years in the wine business. In the past he's been a sommelier and restaurant owner, and he's a current wine columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer; Richard knows his grapes. Prices are often 20 to 50 percent off retail, and one can often discover really great reds and whites at $10 a bottle. There are always at least four of five selections open and ready to taste, with no tasting fee, just Richard informing you of what it is he's found exciting in wine. Richard is very charming, easy to talk to, and his love of the grape is infectious, he really gets one excited about wine. If you feel like splurging, and with the holidays approaching, he has a few collector wines. I must admit, there is a Kenwood Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon with a Miro label on it for $100 that I pick up everytime I'm there, temptations, temptations, temptations. So if you are here in Seattle, drop in and take a look around, you won't leave disappointed!