The Hideout

Archer gets a drink prepped at the Hideout

It's really a simple thing, a bar where those that bend towards the artistic can feel they belong. I recently read about the Mandrake in Los Angeles, and upon thinking about it, wanted to seek out perhaps a similar place in Seattle. The Hideout seems like a very equal equivalent. I was recognizing certain faces, names of course were the loose memory. The simple fact of sitting in a place for a period of time, taking in faces, familiar, and unfamiliar, was actually a fun exercise. I look forward to many a drink in this place, with peers and friends alike. Funny how it took me reading about it elsewhere to realize it was worth seeking in one's own city. The gentlemen getting a drink from Archer the Bartender sat drawing for well over an hour. It was a reminder that I used to do the same in the late 80's, after punk shows. I think I'm going to enjoy coming to the Hideout for drinks and artistic spins, that I haven't gotten anywhere else in Seattle.


Anonymous said…
The last two visits I had in Seattle, I went to the Hideout. It is a wonderful place.

E. Lake