the job

Seems like when it rains it pours. The weather was foul, and of course today's schedule had myself and Rachel installing some rather large works. Taking things inside to outside and back inside is part of the tricky business of art installing. Timing is everything. Having someone who has your back is key. I'm fortunate at times to have someone like Rachel to assist me. This is the trick in a poor paying industry; intelligent, calm, and creative personnel. I had a few stressful moments today where I felt very pinched, either in time, or on quality of work being executed. Rachel provided sound advise and ideas to quell the dilemmas I was encountering. All artwork went safely into place, and all jobs that needed to be done today, were done. In the end, after some of the wind died down, I realized, I like seeing some of the items we get to place, and take care of. It does allow me in a strange way to see what is going on out in my fellow artists studios, a sideways manner.


Steven LaRose said…
What is the average number of pieces that you instal a month? Is there a perecentage of take downs that then go into storage? Or is it all new work going into new places? Or is it one big shuffle?
lately it's been a mix of mostly new purchases, but a few classics, like Ken Kelly, Fay Jones, and Ross Palmer Beecher, but yesterday was large new works by Guillermo Kuitka. For the most part, we move works into storage when painters are working a building, and then new works get shuffled into the buildings once they are finished painting. I move on average about 60 to 70 works a month.