Medway Wheelers

Eras End and Begin Again, never has this rule applied as much to an artist that I've enjoyed, and yet, who remains a mystery to so many. Thee Billy Childish.

Similar to a Robert Beauchamp, Billy Childish has had a long standing career of being an outsider; influential, but relatively unknown. Making his own brand of music, and art, Billy Childish is and always will be, in a place all to himself. The music I believe will stand the test of time. His paintings harken back to a bygone era, and the same can be made of his music. But in both he is fluid, strong willed, and sure. He has stride, and dynamics galore, and each time he sends something into the world, I'm curious, and rarely disappointed.


Anonymous said…
One afternoon and into the evening, Steve Turner played for me Milkshakes, Headcoats, and various Childish singles from his extensive collection. Fifteen years later I still hear Mudhoney in Billy Childish's riffs. Such a big influence.
He remains vital, on his mark, and all to himself, a real original. Funny, Steve turned me on the the Milkshakes...small world.