R.I.P. Poops

My friend and Seattle artist, Rachel Maxi, lost her longtime cat companion today. Having just gone through this myself recently, I completely feel for you Rachel! He was such a sweetie, he will be missed. Rachel, you made a fantastic home for him, know that, and know that myself, and others feel for your loss. Rest In Peace Poops!



I feel for your loss, and Rachel's. What beautiful companions they are.
Anonymous said…
I was lucky enough to come by on Monday and lay next to Poops, who was obviously having trouble breathing. I am amazed that, even in midst of pain, he had it in him to purr and give me some kisses. Poops was an exceptional cat and he will be missed by all who knew him. How do they know to put their bodies as close to ours as they can when we are crying? Hayley
I know what you mean Hayley, when my cat Jazz was around, he provided the love especially when I needed it the most...