commission progress cont'd...


Steven LaRose said…
where did last night's words go? I was too drunk to post a comment but the essence has been sticking with me. I've been thinking that one of the main reasons that I've been blogging and sharing more about my personal life than most "art" bloggers is I really believe in demystifying the stuff that you were talking about. They were good words man.
Steven LaRose said…
Oh, and it is also why I always call myself a "painter" when I introduce myself to people.

Nice black add-on the painting. Interesting that I never noticed that empty helmets have implied heads and eyes in them. They have invisible compositional arrow-heads in them.

Happy new year.
I just had to edit what I wrote. It wasn't sitting right, and was reading hostile, or cry babyish to me. So it's back, less defensively and more on point, I hope!