I've been thinking about audio lately. I've been thinking on how it help shape some of the things I see and some of the ways I thought. I been putting together a top ten of songs that changed me while I was in college. This song comes in on that top ten. The song is called Never Understand. In 1986 I was fortunate enough to have a close friend introduce me to the Jesus and Mary Chain. The first album by the JAMC was called Psychocandy, and it was flawless. I still listen to it. This song, and video had so much attitude, that as a young art student, it became part of my interior arsenal. In as much as one needs a bit of rebellion in their system, this was in the mix. Hope you enjoy the memory and the feedback...


misterstare said…
I’m gonna run and find
A place where I can hide
Somewhere that no one knows
Someplace that no one goes
So don’t you look for me
I’ll be where you can’t see
Somewhere I can’t be found
My little underground
Chris said…
oh oh oh...oh oh oh