Good stuff Harold. Between you and Steve it's a nice day for looking at paintings.
Steven LaRose said…
I thought you said you quit art!
This is a good one. Keeping it up with the neuvo-retro palette. I did a doublee take as I thought the cast shadow on the left was paint cuz it was almost making a tangent to the curve at the top left.
Thanks George!
Wait, Harold said he was going to quit art? Did you give your two week notice? It sounds to me, weather-wise it's the end of days out there in the northwest so somebody has to pull a Heironymous Bosch and get all the freakiness down on canvas.
Don't let us down.
put a tail on that monkey!
Steven LaRose said…
That's not a tail.
In Bosch's world, you are getting artfully reamed.
sugar cookie said…
harold! we should trade artwork!