2006 Music Discoveries

After seeing Steve LaRose post his top music list for 2006, I thought long and hard and decided to throw down as well. Music is a really important component when I'm painting and so here are some of my finds in the 2006. I hope you all have a great 2007!

1. the Radio Dept. - Pulling Our Weight - from the EP Pulling Our Weight
2. the Radio Dept. - A Window - from the album Pet Grief
3. King Khan & BBQ Show - Fish Fight - from the album King Khan & BBQ Show[actually a 2005 release, but I just found out about this band this year, so...]
4. King Khan & BBQ Show - Blow My Top - from the 2006 release entitled What's For Dinner?
5. The Black Lips - Boomerang -
appears on the album Let It Bloom
6. The Black Lips - Not A Problem - also from the album Let It Bloom
7. The How - I Was A Boy - Slumberland single
8. The Shins - Taste Of Cindy - since the new record isn't out yet, cough here is a live cover of a JAMC song
9. Deer Tick - Hell On Earth - http://www.deertickmusic.com/
10. Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter - appears on the album Songs For Christmas
11. Eux Autres -
Ecoutez Bien - appears on the album Another Christmas At Home
12. Beth Orton - Northern Sky - appears on the album Comfort Of Strangers
13. Reigning Sound - If You Can't Give Me Everything - appears on the album Too Much Guitar[another band discovered in 2006]
14. The Lovely Feathers - Frantic - appears on the album Hind Hind Legs
15. The Legends - This Hearts Not Made Of Stone - appears on the EP Lucky Star


Steven LaRose said…
Nice one, and only a couple of cross-overs too. I forgot about the Shins and Beth Orton. I've read a lot about the Radio Dept. but haven't gotten to listen, thanks.

On the totally un-cool side, do you know how to save a quicktime song to the desk-top? How can I get these tracks on my player. . .? um. . .without paying for them. . .
on my iMac I click File, Save page As, and leave it on my desktop to save in my music files deep in the heart of my hard drive. I also use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Hope that helps you out there Steve!
Steven LaRose said…
Hah. I was making it too hard. I figured it out and now I'm freakin out. There is so much music out there! King Khan & BBQ Show sounds like the Didjits meets the Bassholes. I dig it. I'm going looking for more. Might even buy the vinyl. The How have got to be a play on The Who. Almost a Spinal Tap Who, and I mean that in a good way. Like how the Rutles were a perfect parody of the Beatles, perfect essence grabbers. My blog might start shifting towards music a bit in thee future. So cool.
C said…
Thanks for Deer Tick. I was unaware.