I have a few questions in relation to pop culture that tend to lay dormant for several years. One of those on my list was, "What happened to Paul Simonon of the Clash"?
Does he still wear cool hats?
Still play great bass?
Is he currently in Damon Albarn's newest creation, The Good The Bad, & The Queen?
Is it the same as the Clash, Blur, or the Verve, as all the members were part of those groups?
Yes and No.
Hooks like Blur's Parklife, and vibes like the Clash's Sandinista. It seems like a chaser, or a chilled out follow-up, to either one of those albums. Albarn, Simonon, Tong, and Allen make good around each other. Nice to find Simonon again.

The Good The Bad & The Queen - Kingdom Of Doom


Eva Lake said…
I read somewhere awhile back... maybe in the New York Times... that Paul was also a painter, having a show somewhere.
Steven LaRose said…
Mojo magazine called them London Calling Two. In a good way.