Critically Critical

A portrait of Matthew Kangas done by Leiv Fagereng

Matthew Kangas talking to Richard Serra in front of Wake at the Olympic Sculpture Park

"In part because of Kangas's cozy relationships with artists, rumors of impropriety have circulated for years in the tiny Seattle art community.

After learning last week about Kangas's personal investment in the Henry exhibition, I posted to The Stranger's blog, Slog, about what, as a critic, I saw as an error of judgment—a prominent critic organizing and promoting a show of his own art without disclosing his ownership of the art. The basis for my thinking was that a critic like Kangas has the power to influence the value of someone's work; if he happens to own some of that work, that could pose a conflict of interest."

Jen Graves has written a very revealing article on possible ethics issues regarding Matthew Kangas, local art critic since the 1970's around here in Seattle....continued here


i'm diggin that painting