Influence Marks

I was introduced to Joy Division when a skateboard demo took place at lunchtime in the courtyard of Thomas Jefferson High School by 35th Ave Skateboards. The music of Joy Division resonated for the rest of the day in my head. When the weekend arrived, I was off to Seattle, Tower Records on Mercer Street, picked up the Joy Division self titled first album. Have had it close to me ever since.
I was painting in my assigned studio at Western Washington University, when from next door, artist Brandon Zebold was blasting Warsaw on his boom box. I came in, not realizing that before there was a Joy Division, there had been Warsaw. It was raw, direct, and to this day, I get a real charge by having it playing here in my painting studio.

Joy Division - She's Lost Control.mp3

Warsaw(Joy Division) - The Drawback.mp3


rrose selavy said…
i was born like 10 years after warsaw/joy division/ian curtis. i cant take them out of life.