Influence Marks

The Furs were relatively unknown in America until the release of
Talk Talk Talk, and the subsequent hit, Pretty In Pink, but this gem comes from their debut LP. I picked up this record after hearing A Wedding Song on a pirate radio station in Seattle back in the early 80's. India was a pretty adventurous opening track, with a two minute-plus sound scape intro that builds into the pounding drums that start the actual song. They really turn up the energy from there on, with a sound that fits somewhere between the Velvet Underground and Bowie. Richard Butler's vocals have an appealing cadence, and I recall how it haunted me and how I had to get this record. I still listen to this as I paint.

Psychedelic Furs - India.mp3


HANK'S HI-FI said…
Scoochies, 1984! Were you there?

You probably already know this one, but I just hopped over to the Sony site and they have this quote from Richard Butler/John Ashton:

RB-"'India' was written during Vince's audition for the band, and we were so pleased with it that he got the job. The idea of the long introduction was for it to be recorded quite quietly at first, so people would turn up their stereos to get it to a "normal" level, then when the song started, it would be incredibly loud and send everybody running to turn it down."

(JA- "Works every time!")
It worked on me. I hadn't read that, thanks for posting it!
and yes, I use to occasionally go dancing at Scoochies with my close friends.
Anonymous said…
The Furs are playing in my car right now. I can listen to them over and over again. I also like Love Spit Love. Both bands I saw several times in NYC. Great performances!

What were those words under the ending of Pretty in Pink, and why did they make it stand out louder in the remix for the movie?