[Work in Progress]


Dennis Hollingsworth said…
Nice turns, cuz!

There's something about the gravity flow, perhaps the direction of flow, the slight inflection of organization... also, a sympathy between the two forms -the stenciled (?) lozenges and glazed matrix (alkyd resin?). Nice, too to see a reduction of noise (intention versus accident) in the paint... although dialing noise in and out is the way to go rather than eliminting it altogether.

It prompts thoughts of natural forms of organiztion: feathers, scales, bats and low hanging fruit.

All the best,

Steven LaRose said…
definitly more integrated at this stage. harmony and balance of marks and edges. all kinds of nature connections and fewer design quotes.
Anonymous said…
I like it. I can see it becoming another brilliant piece. I look forward to seeing it in completion.
thanks you all, nice to see the response, I feel I've had a nice breakthrough!
Anonymous said…
I love all the paintings I have seen here and yes, they seem to get better and better. Gorgeous!

Juan Alonso said…
I'm loving these new works!