It's a funny feeling when you see past work being recycled through a current lens. I made a body of work in the early 1990's for a show at Linda Farris Gallery and made a wall of paintings with no particular set of rules other than relating on an abstract plane in my mind. They filled a wall in her gallery in a fluid way, for a group show. In all, there were 20 works, hung salon style. Some went in groups of 2, some in groups of 5, or you could purchase any one if you wanted. I hadn't thought of the works in quite sometime until yesterday when I saw that some were in a new gallery here in Seattle called artREsource. This is a new space put together by Greg Kucera who also has his own, very well known, gallery. I know who owned these works before, and I have no bad feelings about them being placed back into the world again. It just reminds me of having a dream years ago, a very visual dream, and then seeing it again, played differently, but still the same dream.


They make me happy every day I look at them, Harold. I remember the show at Farris and these were some of my faves. I'm proud to hang them among works by Morris Graves, Gaylen Hansen, Alden Mason, Karen Ganz, Dan Webb, Ed Ruscha, Mike Spafford and other NW and nationally noted artists I appreciate...not a bad caliber with which to be associated! The whole idea of ArtRESource is a strange one. As and artist, it is a prickly place to be...sitting here and selling art as a commodity (working for the owner of a piece and not the artist), yet I see it as a form of respect for the work itself. Share it, don't stash it in the closet when you run out of wall space. If downsizing from a house to condo, don't store it at Artech, let someone else take it home and appreciate it on their walls - let it be seen. As I have no cash to continue to grow my personal collection, I relish the fine art I decide to consign in at the gallery...enjoy it daily. The best weeks are when something arrives that I haven't seen in ten or twenty years - like YOUR small paintings currently on the wall. For me, this is a place of joy, indeed...thanks for the was great to see you!