Artist, Stuart Tume

Stuart plants one on me!

Artist Stuart Tume left today for Shanghai China to live and work for awhile. Originally from New Zealand, he arrived here in Seattle a few years ago. I worked and met him while I was employed at Artech and he was a class act! Hopefully I will get to see him in October as I'm planning a visit for a month, if all goes according to plan, in Shanghai. He got me in contact with an artist collective called The Studio in Shanghai and I hope that I get to do some work there for the month of October, and hang out with my friend. Stuart is one of the rare ones that I have had the privilege of meeting here in the artist community of Seattle, he's a facilitator.
By supporting everyone to do their best work, be it musically or artistically, Stuart has enabled each of us to search for inclusion and helped me especially of late, to build sustainable momentum and connections to the everyday act of simply being an artist. You'll be missed around here Stu! Salute'

The Black Angels - Black Grease.mp3