Application [with Report]

In the last minute of this interview with Jim Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain, you can take his position on playing music and turn it towards art, and I stand side by side with his stance; "you don't need to know how to play to make music". I think what Jim Reid is saying is pretty clear and can applied to art making as well.
Joseph Beuys already declared it back in the late 70's, "Everyone is an artist".


Steven LaRose said…
Did you and Jacques de Beaufort call each other and say "Lets both post some Jesus and Mary Chain videos?"
no, just the way the world rolls, I now need to check his out...I didn't even know he had...
i was considering posting this one actually.

but decided to go with the Hope Sandoval angle.. she was born in East LA. I wonder what she's doing RIGHT NOW!
shash said…
i like him. ;-)