Rose Festival

Part of artist Chris Ashley's WYSIWYG show at Chambers Art Gallery

Old friends Molly and Curt at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

the opening of Road Show at Froelick Gallery

Yours truly with my painting titled, Certain Shots, at Froelick Gallery for Road Show.

I had a really wonderful time walking around Portland for their First Thursday. Hung out with old friend's Julie and Jessica and hit as many shows as one can in a 2 hour sprint. Looking forward to seeing more there in Portland over the summer and fall. I really feel at ease in that city!


Lawrence Quigley said…
I have to check out Portland. A very good friend of mine Cari (dogs steal yarn) is moving out there soon.
Anonymous said…
It was great to meet you. (I wish I had a pick of us together with Chris Ashley.) Hey, can I post that Ashely pic on my blog...?

Certainly Eva!
Steven LaRose said…
Did you get to meet Chris A?
oh yeah, he came by my show, and I came by his and had a short exchange!