Procrastinations Revenge

Having some minor setbacks on the studio tool front, but progressing as well as one can on crippled studio tool front. I use projectors here in the studio, and I have allowed my bulb count to dwindle, and figured that the Bulbman store was still down in SoDo, as well as some back up stores that I used to recall in the Georgetown and SoDo neighborhoods. Well I came up short being so irresponsible with my faith in the light projector industry. I'm in the midst of the "take the bulb" you can find and work with it. This meant last nights creative exercise was to deal with squinting to the point where my head began to ache. Low wattage is no friend of mine!
I swear I will be stocked to the gills in bulbs as I come across them, lesson learned!


kburston said…

They deliver!
Tamara said…
and this is what you made meanwhile? Forget it! I'm confiscating your bulbs, this is rad!
Anonymous said…
Your work is inspired.
There is continuity throughout your portfolio yet dramatic sweeping differences from piece to piece. Reminiscent to me of Gerald Murphy.

What influences you?