Open House

Last night there was so much going here in Seattle that one could have mistaken so many openings as a first Thursday night. Robert Storr was giving a talk on the UW campus, Ken Kelly was having an opening at Howard House Gallery, Shaun Kardinal was part of a group show at SAM Gallery, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of the new Grey Gallery group show GO!. Saw so many faces, painters Molly Norris, Juan Alonso, Richard Hutter, Rachel Maxi, Karen Ganz, and Lisa Buchanan. Grey Gallery is going to be a nice addition to my neighborhood, being that it's just around the corner from my studio. That Erik Guttridge[owner] and Jordan Howland[director] are friends of mine, well that just makes it icing on the cake!

[click image to enlarge]

The Clash - Time Is Tight[Booker T and the MG's cover].mp3


Good stuff. I was going to ask what paintings you had in the GO! show, then looked at the montage and answered my own questions.