Work In Progress - 18"x24" - Oil on Canvas


Sean said…
Liz and I were at your opening last night, but you weren’t there. I guess we must have missed you. I think we were there around 7:30pm. Your paintings looked great! The place was packed! Congrats. - Sean

Yeah, sorry, hit Ken Kelly's show at Howard House and then a quick stop at SAM Gallery for Shaun Kardinal's show before coming up the hill, thanks so much for stopping by to see it, sorry we didn't run into one another!
tackad said…
have always liked your work - but this lastest stuff . . you have definitely been waking up on the right side of the bed, my friend.
How did your mind switch up like that ?
Staying curious, I just keep staying curious. Never really can settle, my head won't or doesn't stop thinking and pushing me. I'm glad you like!
Juan said…
I'm liking this new work a lot, you know how much I like symmetry. Great to see you at Grey!
Anonymous said…
Symmetry is so over (but it's a rocking painting, Harold).

Love, Ken
Juan said…
Wow, anonymous Ken, I mean, Mr. Art Police, what a way to give backhanded compliment!