in progress... 48"x60"...cont'd

DJ Shadow & Dan the Automator - Theme From Don.mp3


Steven LaRose said…
Ah, yes.
I hadn't noticed that the black was too much. By backing off on the value of the graphic, and yet complicating it with hue shift, I feel that this is my new favorite.

Pint glasses clink in a toast.
well get ready, cause the black will be making a come back, or a sepia depends, but the roar of the feedback is my friend, just as black graphics and heavy handedness, don't stand to close to the Amplifiers...
Anonymous said…
hi harold.

this is caleb from shawn's painting class at evergreen. i asked you about the gel medium making the paint transparent if you use a certain amount. I've tried, but can't get it quite transparent. Do you mind clarifying, again, how to do it? here's a link to the painting i tried it with:

it's the one to the right of "raw middle school":


Anonymous said…
excellent. thanks a lot. i'll let you know how it goes.


also, you've inspired me to experiment with color a lot more.
Anonymous said…
could I borrow this painting?...for a couple of years?

that's a sweet one