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One aspect of painting, that is perhaps the most frustrating, well for me, is the one of constant failure. I feel each time I begin a painting, it is on a clock of sorts, imaginary yes, but a clock never-the-less. The problem, and it is constant with my work, is that a majority of the paintings go well past this clock of mine. They don't obey me. This painting above is a case and point. I wanted it done weeks ago, and it's pulling a overtime of major proportions! One part of me is wanting to toss the thing, the other is wanting me to stick with it, the stick with it usually wins. Off to go get more paper towels, some air and perhaps a drink at Grey Gallery Lounge...

The Breeders - We're Gonna Rise.mp3



Joel said…
Hope you enjoyed St. Vincent. By the way, I really like your art
I did, thanks in part to the mp3 you posted, and thanks for taking a look!
avril said…
Disobedience, perhaps. But, hey, at least your shoes are clean? Great work.