Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

I've been spinning this painting for a bit, from vertical orientation, to horizontal. I think I'm set for horizontal, and it's also good for me to adjust to more work being horizontal, as I tend to lean towards vertical in most things I make. Horizontal representing the landscape orientation, vertical representing the portrait, who knows really?
Maybe its standing vs laying down?

Saturday Looks Good To Me - Until The World Stops Spinning.mp3


Rebecca Crowell said…
Very nice-! I too mull over horizontal vs. vertical ideas--most of my paintings are also vertical. Seems to me that often (at least in my own work) a vertical format expresses a more dynamic, upward flow of energy--or adds that element to an otherwise calm image. Horizontal or square formats are more calm and quiet feeling from the start. (Although I do plenty of rotating around myself!)
I like the idea that vertical works express dynamic upward flow, nicely put. I do respond well to both in others works going vertical, or horizontal, but when alone in here, it just often winds up vertical, so it's nice to switch it up, or at least try'em on for size!
tackad said…
Most paintings absolutely have a certain weighted balance that automatically determines their orientation.
Some paintings can temporarily be appreciated and stretch the mind when hung on a different side; but eventually the painting gets rehung to it's original and correct orientation.
And then there are paintings that are either a 2-way, 3-way or even a 4-way painting; meaning that they work comfortably in those positions.
It's quite rewarding to make a painting that ends up with these qualities - makes for an interesting life on someone's wall.
Your work just keeps getting better.